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Possitve Future Con​sultancy

50/50 Monthly Draw

The 50/50 monthly draw is set up to help fund Gateway Community but also benefit others with prize draws. It works simply by people paying minimum £5 to enter for the months draw with the draw for that month then taking place on the 1st day of the next month. A winner is randomly selected through a name generator with the winner then taking half of what was raised and the other half going to Gateway Community for good causes such as helping fund activities for the community. Our 50/50 draw is different to the rest as you can dip in one month and leave the next if you would like compared to other draws where you could be tied in to paying for a year. When the draw takes place on the 1st of each month it is filmed live on the Gateway Community Facebook page to prove that the process is fully transparent. You can enter the draw by paying cash at the centre, via PayPal using [email protected] or request bank details to pay via bank transfer on the same email.

Monthly Winners 2020

Jan: Lynne H

Prize Draw: £102.50

Feb: Diane F

Prize Draw: £105