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Our Projects

Awards for all

Halton YMCA- Awards for All

This Project is aimed to encourage a healthier life style for the resident of Halton YMCA Foyer and local community residents.

Delivery: Design and build raised grow beds, Food safety & Hygiene, Healthier eating, Affordable produce in the local area, Cooking Skills.

For Further infomation visit -

Behaviour management

St.Peter & Paul Catholic College:

Behaviour Management:

Working with pupils to better understand their own and others emotions, through Emotional Intelligence theories.

Techniques: Anger Management, Life Coaching, CBT etc.

Orange Pathway:

Working with a small group of LDD pupils in preparation for leaving school.

End project pupils will deliver a 5 minute presentation on where and how they will progress

Team buildning

Total People:

Delivering Bespoke training to 16 - 18 year olds in Communication Skills and team building. 

1-1 work with learners who need help with emotional issues, i.e. Anger management and Life Coaching etc.